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Sponsored by brave store

Brave Store is a store on Storenvy which sells a cute variety of clothes and accessories. Overall it sells a lot of items for you, your phone, and so on. It has really cute clothes for suitable prices! You should visit ^^ 

So hi guise this is my very first review! So I’ll be reviewing the Star Stockings! 

It came in a nice well put package which contained my stockings ^^

If you buy these, and I highly suggest too~ it matches almost anything which can help vary with outfits! It’s really great ^^


The stockings come in a nude color so the stars seem to be tattoos bc it is a tattoo stocking and the stars go around the side of my legs but in the picture its in the front. I probably put it on wrong but its still cute either way. 

Since its my first review evar (hopefully more to come..) its very special /sniff sniff 

my overall rating is 9.5/10

The 1/2 I didn’t include was that its pretty difficult to put on bc i immediately ripped a part on it cuz im clumsy but it actually can easily tear~ 

but omf these stockings are so cute and i’ve been wanting these type of stockings for a long time!

Anyway, Thank you to Brave Store for sponsoring me! :)

Saturday June 8, 2013
1 year ago

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